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What is Problem Solving Group?

Problem solving group is a team that comprises of the relevant stakeholders who use their analytical abilities and decision making skills to find a way to solve the pertinent problem. Problem solving groups help in bringing in diverse thought and perspectives to solve the same problem, people have different experiences and that helps them in having different perspectives, so in a problem solving group it is ideal to have people from different background to evaluate different solutions and create an action plan accordingly.

There are many ways to solve a problem like brainstorming, cause-effect analysis, abstraction, trial and error and root cause analysis are some of the examples of techniques used to solve problems. Some of them are done individually and some of them are done in groups.

Problem Solving Group Process

The process used by Problem solving groups to find solutions are:

1. Defining the Problem

2. Analyzing the Issue

3. Understanding the Root Cause Analysis

4. Generating Possible Solutions

5. Finalizing the Solution as a Group

6. Implementing & Assessing Collectively

Problem Solving Group

Importance of Problem Solving Group

Problem solving groups usually have many people to solve the problem by analyzing a problem in a different ways, the people involved in the problem solving group ideally should have different backgrounds. Problem solving discussions are done either by Delphi Technique in which the participants fill questionnaires and fill their opinions on those questionnaires, a moderator narrows down on a solution and issues a new questionnaire, after several rounds the participants are allowed to meet once and discuss their views on the problem in order to convince other participants which solution will be the best. The advantage of this technique is that group think is avoided, consensus can be reached without opinions being swayed and experts can be reached out to from their locations instead of calling them all to meet. Disadvantage is that it takes a lot of time as compared to live discussions, also bias from the moderator’s end might creep in when the moderator is taking opinions from the questionnaires.

Problem solving groups use various other technique also. Other popular way of solving problems is through crowd solving in which a problem is given to the public and whoever can come up with the best solution that would consume less time, effectively solve the problem or be cost effective, the person or people who come up with the solution will be rewarded for the solution. It is a technique that is gaining popularity among corporate sector and they release case studies which are actual problems being faced by the company, these case studies are given in colleges and institutes to solve the problem, the best solution would be rewarded, some people might be hired by the company and some companies are hiring people through this way. It is a cost-effective hiring method.

Advantages of Problem Solving Groups

Some advantages of problem solving groups are:

1. Diverse opinions and techniques to solve a problem.

2. People with different backgrounds and also with resources can come forward and solve problems.

3. MNC’s find it a cost effective way to source solutions to problems

4. Companies are able to find bright talent through people solving case studies and they hire this talent resulting in hiring costs coming down.

Example of Problem Solving Group

During world war 2, brainstorming was one of the most popular techniques to solve a problem using a problem solving group A group of soldiers and officers were made to sit in a room and were briefed on the problem at hand, then there was a green light phase where the group was encouraged to come up with as many ideas as possible and no idea would be criticized or ridiculed in this phase, after the green light phase is over then came the red light phase where the ideas are judged upon and the feasible ideas are discussed upon and shortlisted to be the action plan.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Problem Solving Group along with its overview.

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