Product Demonstration

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Definition: Product Demonstration

Product demonstration or demo is a technique to introducing or promoting the products to its potential customer base. Products which are demonstrated can be new to the market or revised versions of older products or a whole new category of products.

It enables display of the performance of the product in real time, facilitates trial purchases and helps the customer to evaluate the product. It has been identified as one of the best sales tool and also helps in knowing the target customers better.

Advantages: -

• Stimulates interest through a touch and feel factor. This is especially true if the key selling points and unique features of the product design, such as with fashion, lifestyle, furnishings, etc. The ability to see, feel and sometimes smell your product is generally more attracting to the prospects than merely hearing the sales pitches.

• It conveys a sense of ownership. Example- free trials of products.

• It provides a ready proof. The product, sample, video, brochures, pictures and other tools used in any demo are known as devices for providing the proof of the product. They show a tangible evidence which effectively compliments what the sales person says. Buyers’ general assumption is that all sales people talk good about the product. They would never inform any bad. Showing what the product offers, what it is capable of doing, making the customers experience it, further stamps the proof.. For example, food samples help grocery shoppers experience the taste quality and know all the ingredients themselves.

• The demonstration helps combat all the product related concerns of the buyer. Sometimes due to the market reviews the buyers have wrong information have a set of pre conceived notions. Demonstrations help break into these and provides a clear knowledge about the product.


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