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Product Quality - Meaning, Importance, Parameters & Example

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What is Product Quality?

Product Quality is the collection of all the features and characteristics of a product that contribute to its ability to meet the customer needs and requirements. It’s the ability of the product to fulfil what the end user wants and perceives as value.

For a product to be of good quality it should be reliable and perform all its functions smoothly. 

Importance of Product Quality

Product quality is single most important parameter for a product, brand or organization. The quality determines the customer experience and repeat business. If the product quality is poor and the product is not able to do its job reliably and safely then the brand image suffers.

Customers would not buy them again and overall market position will decline.

Product quality can make or break a brand in the market hence the businesses need to focus on product quality before anything.

A poor quality product can also do the job but the customers will not buy them again or would not trust them once it starts showing quality issues.

7 Product Quality Parameters

There are certain parameters that decide the overall product quality. These are:

1. Ability to meet stated needs

The first and foremost quality parameter is that whether the product can do what it claims with certainty and repeatability.

As an example a microwave needs to perform basic heating of the food as per the temperature setting and on a regular basis. If it overheats the food randomly, then the quality would be poor.

2. Durability

Good products are always durable for the time period of their intended use. Good quality TVs were known to remain in homes for years and decades. Even today good quality phones keep working for number of years. Durability is an important aspect of product quality and also for customer perception.

3. Reliable

This point is bit similar to the first point but reliability is that the quality is so good that you can rely on it for every time.

Good quality products are always reliable like cars and vehicles.

4. Efficient

Product quality is not only on the performance of a product but also how well it performs the job or saves costs. Poor quality is often linked to more money being spent on operations and repairs.

Air Conditioner of high product quality tend to perform better and also consume less energy as compared to lower quality products. Efficiency is really important parameter in defining the overall quality.

5. Safe

A good product would always focus on security of the end user. Many products focus heavily on it and it helps them establish a positive brand image in the market.

On the other hand poor products lead to issues and are not perceived well.

6. Finishing and Build Quality

A good product would always have proper finishing without rough edges or poor visual quality.

As an example, Phones of good companies are often sleek in design and have good build quality and materials used as compared to low quality phones.

7. Packaging

An important parameter for product quality can be its packaging. Good products have proper packaging, labels, manuals and documentation with proper branding and quality.

Techniques for improving product quality

Product quality needs to be regularly monitored and be improved based on market and customer feedback.

Some of the techniques used are:

1. Process control
2. Product control
3. Six sigma
4. Quality control
5. Total quality maintenance


Let us take an example of a Television of good quality. Starting from the packaging, it will be properly labelled, branded and secured. There would be all parts included required for installation along with user manual. Remote control would be included which would also be of good quality.

The main TV unit would be of good build quality and finishing. After installation, the performance, picture, sound, features, integration all would work seamlessly and as per expectations. 

Hence, this concludes the definition of Product Quality along with its overview.

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