Group Communication

Published by MBA Skool Team, Last Updated: January 22, 2018

What is Group Communication?

Group communication is a mode of communication in an organization, between employers and employees, and employees in teams/groups. Group communication can further be looked from an marketing perspective as communicating to a group of people or target customers in order to market a product.

Small group communications can be looked at as groups of size 3 to 20. And larger groups looked can be of sizes 100 to 200 in size. Group communication can be effective, when there is a specific purpose to the communication, a proper means of communication, and content of the communication suitable to the target audience, and a proper communicator who can drive the initiative and process.

Group communication can be of various means, like social media, digital media, print media, speeches and focus group communication etc. The choice of the means of communication depends on factors like the target audience, the means and availability of the communication mode, cost implication for the communication initiative.

Group communication can have effective results in case of marketing, where the communication is vital for selling and marketing products and product launches etc.

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