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What is Staff Manager?

A staff manager supervises the income consuming departments or the subordinates in an organisation. A staff manager does not take business decisions and serves in advisory and support roles. A staff manager is responsible for keeping the staff motivated, engaged, well-informed and focused.

Examples of income consuming departments are - Accounting, Customer Service or Human Resources. Line Management and Human Resource Management fall within the purview of Staff Management. Another role similar to staff manager is that of a personnel manager.


Line Management - Set of commands to be transferred with respect to the hierarchy of the organisation. It is difficult for the workforce to transfer information to the senior most top management since they mostly interact with higher stakeholders. Line managers are responsible for ensuring line management in an organization.

Human Resource Management - "drive innovation, productivity and share price through mobilizing the workforce towards excellence"

Responsibilities of a Staff Manager

a. Keep workforce challenged - Staff manager should keep the staff motivated, engaged and involved. The concept of organisational citizenship should be applied.

b. Keep workforce informed - The staff should be given clear instructions and they should know what is expected of them. Constant feedback sessions and assessments help the staff manager to be in sync with the staff.

c. Keep workforce satisfied - The reward system of the organisation should be sufficient and satisfying for the staff

d. Cultivate work culture - Formal and informal traditions of the organisation should be cultivated and established by staff managers.

e. Go beyond promises - The staff manager should recognise skill gaps, provide with ample training and constantly upgrade the job description of the employees.

Liabilities of a Staff Manager

Responsibility towards employees - compensation for safety related incidents, extra working hours, work beyond the ability. The monetary compensation becomes a liability once the company owes money to the employee on any of the mentioned grounds. In case the organisation fails to pay, then it becomes the case of worker rights.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Staff Manager along with its overview.

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