Job Tenure

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Definition: Job Tenure

Job tenure is the measure of the length of time an employee has been employed by his/her current employer. Job tenure of an employee is very important and it is often employers consider job tenure as criteria for hiring new employees. Job tenure can be long or short.

When an employee has worked for a long time with one particular employer his tenure is referred to as long. In the current market scenario 5 years is considered to be long job tenure. The advantage of long job tenure is that the employee is considered to be loyal which is a very desirable quality. However too long job tenures (more than 5 years) can be a disadvantage as well. Staying for too long with a particular employer can limit ones perspective and learning. As when an employee stays with an employer for a long time he does the same kind of work and gets comfortable in that position leading to a decrease in his learning and growing. Also the challenge in his job keeps decreasing. Also a long tenure may be a result of the inability of the employee to get promoted. This may give the new employer a perception that the employee does not have required skills and may result in the employee not getting hired.

When an employee has worked for a very short time with one particular employer his tenure is referred to as short. In the current market scenario tenure of less than 2 years is considered to be short. While people with short tenure learn more and have a diverse experience working with different employers they may be perceived to be disloyal and a recruiter may have a perception that is that employee has left jobs at such short spans then he/she may leave that company as well. The employer may also perceive that the employee is in a bad situation and cannot adapt to his/her current place of employment and hence he is looking for a change of job to improve his/her current situation.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Job Tenure along with its overview.


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