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What is Job Title?

Job title is the name given to a position held by an employee in an organization. Job title is a brief description of the position held by the employee and gives an idea about the position in the organizational hierarchy. Usually, job titles help employers categorize positions in their organization and help job seekers find an appropriate job based on their experience & requirement.

Importance of Job Title

Job titles are important for any organization as it helps in representing a formal structure in the company. They are based on positions help by employees in the company and the positions in the hierarchy are based on employee seniority, work experience, responsibility, department, decision-making capability etc. Job titles help in identifying the post or the type of work or the responsibility held by an employee in the company. They are short and are mostly common across all types of corporate or management job profiles.

For job seekers too, job titles are essential. Companies post job description of vacancies on websites, job portals, newspaper ads etc. Companies have to ensure that they include the title or the position for which the recruitment is being done. This helps candidates choose and evaluate whether the job profile, position etc before applying.

List of Management Job Titles

Based on the organizational hierarchy, there are several ways in which companies can have these titles. Some of the general management job titles are mentioned below for a quick reference.

Job Title

1. Chairman or Managing Director: This is given to the owner of the company or an employee who is in the board of directors. He/she is the senior most person in the company and is responsible for all the major decisions like policy planning, company operations, investments etc. Hence the job title of a chairman.

2. CEO (Chief Operating Officer): This is the highest in the hierarchy when it comes to managing the operations of any company. CEO takes all the critical business decisions and is answerable & accountable for all the company operations. Hence the job title chief operating officer. Similar to CEO are top ranking job profiles like CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), CHRO (Chief Human Resources Manager) etc.

3. Vice President: These are given department wise to the senior most employees handing a particular domain or vertical in an organization. Each of these report to the Chief Officers of their respective departments. These job titles are further classified on seniority & hierarchy as Senior Vice President, Assistant Vice President etc.

4. Manager: One of the most common and wide-spread job title in companies are managers. Managers are further classified as General Managers, Senior managers, Managers, Assistant Managers etc based on their job profile & seniority. A similar nomenclature is also Team Leader or Supervisor. All these employees are usually given a particular job role in their scope of work.

5. Associate or Executive: These titles are for freshers or new entrants in the company at the junior most level. They have very limited scope of work and have minimum responsibility, and are mostly given execution level tasks.

6. Admin or Clerks: This is for support staff, who are not a part of the management hierarchy. This staff includes receptionist, administrative department, clerks etc. Interns are also low responsibility & limited tasks individuals.

All the job titles can be classified or elaborated as per the department, domain, function, vertical etc as required by the company. All companies have similar titles and are used based on the company’s structure.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Job Title along with its overview.

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