Organizational Feedback - Meaning, Importance & Steps

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What is Organizational Feedback?

Organizational feedback is essentially a process wherein the manager and the employee discuss possible ways to effectively work together to achieve organisational goals. Organizational feedback can either be informal oral communication or a formal report of performance appraisals, probation etc.

Importance of Organizational feedback

Companies work through various employees towards attaining certain objectives or goals set by the company. All the people perform the roles and responsibilities allotted to them. However, not everyone is able to perform extremely well and on the other hand some people do very well. Hence, it becomes important to understand the overall performance of people in the organization. This is where organizational feedback plays an important role. It helps to understand the performance of employees and managers and how they can improve the output for the benefit of the company. One method of knowing better about employees, is using a 360 degree feedback mechanism. Apart from an internal feedback, a feedback from vendors & suppliers also is known as a 540 degree feedback.

Steps of organizational feedback

There are basic steps which are followed when doing an organizational feedback:

1. Collect data: Collecting the most important data accurately is the foremost things which companies must do so that they can work and improve on the correct factors and parameters

2. Take action: Once the issues are understood, appropriate actions must be taken to rectify those processes so that improvements are done.

3. Communicate feedback: This is a two way communication process which helps to understand and evaluate whether the actions taken are working in favor of the company or not.

4. Refine changes: Once the feedback is understood thoroughly, changes are incorporated so that the processes and performances are improved further. Thus, this loop is followed again in an organizational feedback which helps in improving company performance through employees.

Organization Feedback

Feedback should consist of two way communication which is very important. Further, timeliness and regularity of feedback is highly essential to ensure that the process stays relevant. The content of the organizational feedback should be constructive, and extremely specific for clarity. Finally, the manager must ensure that the employee has understood the feedback and must follow up on a regular basis until the desired results are achieved.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Organizational Feedback along with its overview.

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