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Definition: Personality Tests

Personality tests are techniques or methods with certain preset questions to determine a person's certain abilities pertaining to his/her personality. Personality tests can determine various aspects like temperament, emotional response, socialability, stability etc. These personality tests can be used to sketch out certain personality attributes of a person which can help in many aspects.

Importance of Personality Tests

These days many employers use such personality tests during recruitment or during employee evaluation & training and development. There are many tests some are projective like the ink blot test. Some tests are not projective are more question model oriented like MMPI, Guilford-Zimmerman, Myer Brigges type indicator (MBTI). 

Different types of Personality Tests are:

1. 16 PF Personality Test

2. Jungian Personality Typology

3. Myers- Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Examples of Personality Tests

Example is a person wants to become a social worker, such tests could check the degree to which a person can be social. In case of armed forces, mental & emotional stability of the person can be tested. For the post of a CEO, the personality test would check the stress management, time management, patience etc of the individual.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Personality Tests along with its overview.

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