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Personnel Manager - Meaning & Importance

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What is Personnel Manager?

A personnel manager is a manager responsible for administrative works such as recruitment, job analysis, job evaluation, managing wages and salaries, training administration, resolving disputes, labor law compliance and related tasks. Personnel manager is more of a traditional role, it is predominantly an administrative function. Personnel manager mainly focuses on managing the employees or the personnel in an organization.

Importance of Personnel Manager

The present day modern approach of managing is called Human Resource Management. Human Resource Manager does all the functions of the traditional Personnel Manager aligning them to the company's goals and strategies. He performs people centered activities focused to the organizational development. Human Resource Manager can be a part of executive management team and also involve in long term strategic planning where as Personnel Manager may not. Personnel management gives much importance to compliance of rules, policies, procedures and monitoring them while Human Resource Management gives more focus on business needs and changes the policies and procedures according to them. The role is similar to that of a staff manager.

Roles of a Personnel Manager

The main roles of a personnel manager can be explained as follows:

1. Personnel manager helps in recruiting the employees needed for the organization by collecting the information on manpower requirement from different departments.

2. Assisting the top management in framing the policies related to the workmen.

3. Personnel manager helps in handling any issues related to employer employee relationship. And also advising and assisting line managers in dealing with any issues related to personnel matters.

4. Acting as a counselor and attending to the grievances of employees and trying to solve them in best possible way.

5. Personnel managers ensure that employees get paid competitively as per the market standards and paid on time.

6. Conducting training to the employees whenever necessary and helping the productivity of the employees increase.

7. Acting as a link between management and workers.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Personnel Manager along with its overview.

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