Line Manager

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Definition: Line Manager

A line manager is an employee who directly manages other employees of the organization and is accountable for the administrative management work and its functional management which directly contributes to the output of the production plant. If we consider a corporate hierarchy, a line manager holds the authority in a vertical chain of command or over a particular product line.

He is the manager to whom teams or individuals directly report to and have higher responsibility in the organization. Managers like project managers are responsible to direct work to other employees, but they are not responsible for any of the administrative management. They are not involved in the discipline, salary adjustments, promotion/demotion of the employees, although their feedbacks are considered very crucial.

Some of the individuals have manager in their designation or position but they don’t really manage any other employee, these managers are also not line managers. Responsibility for the risk management is often in hands of the line managers. The line managers are also increasingly being assigned the human resource obligations. The line managers are supposed to report to the higher level of management on the well being and performance of the employees or the teams that are managed by them.

Usually the responsibilities carried out by the line managers are as follows:-

1. Dealing with the clients and customers of the organization.

2. Regular measurement of the operational performance.

3. Efficient management of the organization’s operational costs.

4. Providing employees/workers technical expertise and skills.

5. People management on a daily basis with least idle time.

6. Allocating all the employees/workers their work and rotas.

7. Thorough monitoring of the work and regular checking of the quality of product and services.

8. Responsible to adopt organizational cultural change.

9. Team building, mentoring and motivating the employees help accomplish the organizational goals.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Line Manager along with its overview.


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