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Schneider Electric SWOT Analysis

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Here is a detailed SWOT analysis of Schneider Electric covering strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Schneider Electric Strengths

  1. Global presence all over the world with 31 manufacturing units spread across many countries
  2. Pioneer in green energy, it has diversified into green energy segment
  3. Schneider electric has size advantages which lower its risks. Large size has ensured Schneider electric gets more resources to pursue new markets and defend themselves
  4. Schneider is a very strong brand. This has enabled it to charge premium price as its customers place high value the quality which is reflected by brand
  5. High investments in R & D and Superior technology has allowed Schneider electric to better meet the needs of their customers in unique ways that rivalscannot simulate

Above are the strengths in the SWOT Analysis of Schneider Electric. The strengths of Schneider Electric looks at the key internal factors of its business which gives it competitive advantage in the market and strengthens its position.

Schneider Electric Weaknesses

  1. Schneider made few bad acquisitions. These can increase their costs and reduce the value of their combined businesses. They can also affect the core business and merge cultures that are incompatible which can lower the productivity
  2. On the back of shortage of liquidity, the margin is not improving in the shorter term
  3. Bad debts and Financial difficulties with customers have increased the debtor's provisions affecting profit

These were the weaknesses in the Schneider Electric SWOT Analysis. The weaknesses of a brand are certain aspects of its business which it can improve.

Schneider Electric Opportunities

  1. Incorporating new services and new customized products can help Schneider electric to better meet their customer’s needs. Also these can expand Schneider electric’s business and customer base
  2. Relaxation of regulations will allow Schneider electric to perform in a way that is most advantages for them and their customers

Above we covered the opportunities in Schneider Electric SWOT Analysis. The opportunities for any brand can include prospects of future growth.

Schneider Electric Threats

  1. A bad economy may slow down its growth and curtail its green initiatives
  2. The dynamic political scenario can increase risk, as governments can change business rules that may have negative affect Schneider electric’s business

The threats in the SWOT Analysis of Schneider Electric are as mentioned above. The threats for any business can be external factors which can negatively impact its business.

Hence this concludes the Schneider Electric SWOT analysis.

About Schneider Electric

The table below gives the brand overview along with its target market, segmentation, positioning & USP

Schneider Electric Overview
Parent Company

Schneider Electric


Electrical Equipment


Energy & Power

Tagline/ Slogan

The global specialist in energy management/Make the most of your energy


It has a unique vision; Makes high quality infrastructure based on green technology

Schneider Electric STP

Power Generation and Infrastructure, Green Buildings, Water, Marine, Oil and Gas

Target Market

Electrical distribution (utilities) and Power generation companies, Electro-intensive industry,Water & waste treatment plants, Public-sector investors, Oil & gas infrastructure, Marine sector


Global specialist in energy management; Aims to make energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green

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