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IBM SWOT Analysis

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Here is a detailed SWOT analysis of IBM covering strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

IBM Strengths

  1. IBM is one the world's leading technology companies having widespread global presence & strong diverse product & service offering
  2. IBM has a strong brand legacy since its inception in 1911, which has continued to grow & diversify across countries
  3. The company has a diverse offering in its products, namely in cloud computing, artificial intelligence computer software & hardware
  4. IBM also offers services outsourcing, consulting, professional services and management services
  5. The company has its business operations in more than 150 countries
  6. More than 300,000 people are employed with IBM globally
  7. The annual revenue of the company with all combined businesses is more than $70 billion
  8. IBM is a world leader in patents & inventions like ATM, floppy disk, hard disk drives, SQL programming etc. are credited to the company
  9. Strategic acquisitions of technology, AI and consulting companies have strengthened its position in the competitive market
  10. Marketing efforts of IBM include sponsoring events like Olympics, Wimbledon, US Open, NFL, Golf tournaments and more
  11. The company invests in TV commercials, print ads, billboards, online ads, social media engagement and digital marketing to ensure its high brand awareness
  12. The brand has recognized regularly as one of the best brands in the world by the likes of Forbes, Fortune 500 etc.

Above are the strengths in the SWOT Analysis of IBM. The strengths of IBM looks at the key internal factors of its business which gives it competitive advantage in the market and strengthens its position.

IBM Weaknesses

  1. Intense competition from other leading global IT companies means limited market share growth for IBM
  2. Challenge of employee retention as attrition is high in the industry
  3. Being a global brand, it has faced legal issues & lawsuits in the past which have hurt its brand image

These were the weaknesses in the IBM SWOT Analysis. The weaknesses of a brand are certain aspects of its business which it can improve.

IBM Opportunities

  1. IBM can look at emerging markets and can grow more there
  2. The company can continue its growth in diverse opportunity areas like cloud, business consulting, sustainable business projects etc.
  3. Domestic projects in countries can be taken up by IBM using a local workforce, thereby strengthening its global footprint

Above we covered the opportunities in IBM SWOT Analysis. The opportunities for any brand can include prospects of future growth.

IBM Threats

  1. Many technology companies coming up with internet boom have reduced the dominance of IBM
  2. Concerns over confidential information of users being vulnerable to leaks
  3. Economic recession and changing government policies can impact business operations

The threats in the SWOT Analysis of IBM are as mentioned above. The threats for any business can be external factors which can negatively impact its business.

Hence this concludes the IBM SWOT analysis.

About IBM

The table below gives the brand overview along with its target market, segmentation, positioning & USP

IBM Overview
Parent CompanyInternational Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

IT Services


IT & Technology

Tagline/ Slogans

Let's build a smarter planet; THINK


One of the best known brands in the world


Enterprises seeking IT solutions

Target Market

Enterprises looking for end to end IT solutions to transform business


IBM Is one the world's leading IT & consulting companies

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