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Human Resources section covers the wide spectrum of management of workforce, interpersonal relations in the corporate world by having articles on different concepts. Apart from these institutions and systems working for empowerment of the people also falls under this category.

Skill Development and its Impact on Employee Retention 13 September 2016

In organisations today, employees’ development has become very important function of human resource management. The organisation needs to ensure that its employees are efficient and in line with the competition prevailing in the industry. To maintain and sustain these valuable resources, organisations are required to look after the job satisfaction and retention of employees.


Evaluating the Effectiveness of Training Employees 06 September 2016

Training is concerned with imparting specific job related skill to the employee. It is long term investment done in human resource of the company. So the effectiveness of training should be evaluated as it checks whether the program objective is achieved or not. Evaluating the effectiveness of training helps to understand the value of or worth of the activity. It is important because it sheds light on majorly four aspects.


One Team to Achieve the Dream - Importance of Teamwork 01 September 2016

Whether it is a small startup or a large corporation, teamwork is the most essential aspect. It forms a vital part of growing business environment. Starting from an idea for a product or service, to finally selling it to the customers, all the tasks are accomplished through teamwork. You can’t imagine a single bee making the whole honey, a single mason making the building and a single ant collecting the food for the whole season. Teamwork helps the employees to get the maximum output from colleagues, reduces burnout and helps in boosting the company's overall productivity. Big Giants like Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Hindustan Unilever etc. can’t flourish with the ideas of just one person. There is the support of big teams which has helped this top companies grow consistently.


Work-Life Balance for Building Employee Trust & Relationships 08 August 2016

What is meant by work-life balance? It is not just another metaphor we use in our daily life. This metaphor has a lot of meanings hidden behind it. Work-Life balance simply does not mean that there is an equal distribution of weight on both sides but it is a balance between body and mind. For each person, the work-life balance definition may change. It depends on how they have self-defined their goals and their state of well-being so that they can handle multiple responsibilities at home, work and society without getting stressed mentally and physically. Once the employer is able to bring in work-life balance in the organization, it has a lot of advantages like reducing stress, attracting new employees, retaining current employees, trust and strong relationship with the company and most importantly it increases productivity. Finally, it is all about productivity and increased revenue.


HR Trends in the Fast Emerging Start-up Culture 01 August 2016

One of the most important and critical part of an employee’s interests in any organization irrespective of its size is the Human Resource Department. Some of the very core operations of an organization like payroll, hiring-firing, benefits, being updated with the laws of tax as laid by central and state governments fall under the responsibilities of an HR department. If any issue arises related to these areas, the organization can really get stuck up with issues like employee dissatisfaction or legal/statutory business problems. However, the general trend found is that small businesses don’t have ample amount of resources in form of staff and budget to deal with the minute criticalities of HR and hence have to outsource their HR requirements.


Big Data Scientists- Demand outgrowing Supply? 28 July 2016

Big Data Analytics is one of the raging topics of this century. But before we go on to discuss this topic, let us first shed some light on what we mean by Big Data. Contrary to popular saying that Big Data doesn’t really mean ‘big’ data, I would say that yes, Big Data does signify big amount of data, here in volume terms. And analysts and data engineers who analyze and prepare this data for visualization are called data scientists. We will come to terms with these words and discuss them in details in the following paragraphs.


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