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Customer Relationship Management Through Loyalty November 15, 2016

Do you like to visit our restaurant every day? Voila! Enjoy a free overnight stay at our luxurious hotel! Or do you order a pizza every month? Get a 20% off on your next pizza (offer valid only for three weeks). Customer relationship is not just about treating the customer nicely but retaining the customer over lifetime and holding his loyalty. This is gained by providing him with incentives to continue being a customer. But how do we decide what incentive to give?


Consumer Psychology & the Tendency to Spend November 04, 2016

All human no matter what their income is or how much they save, they have equal propensity to spend their money; some are called miser, while some are spendthrift depending on dynamism and nature of their expenditure. If we can classify the consumers on the basis of their propensity to spend, it will be easier for the industries to know their target segments. So there goes the new dimension- propensity to spend.


Newspaper Sales and its Crucial Trade Strategies November 01, 2016

The newspaper print industry is one of the most vast and exhaustive industries, with a distribution network second only to FMCG. Like every distribution network in the market, the newspaper DN has its own stakeholders, and the role they play is very crucial to the eventual sales. The most important aspect of the Newspaper sector is the product itself, the basic content of which is more or less same across competitors. So what exactly are the parameters that govern the buying behavior of the consumer?


Originality vs Embellishment - The Better Marketing Strategy September 20, 2016

"Consumer is the king" we as a whole are familiar with this language of advertising. In any case, in this day and age which is a media and innovation rich world "The customer is not only the ruler but consumer is the one who runs the show". As the technology expands it is very simple for the advertisers to publicize their items the way they need their items to be seen. It's simple for them to achieve an expansive number of the clients, by focusing on the specific portion for which their item is work for. In a way technology is their great companion.


Simplicity is the Modern Mantra for Successful Branding September 13, 2016

SIMPLICITY for Successful Branding appears to be a very unorthodox concept and very rarely pondered upon. However, if we delve into the very concepts of Marketing and Branding and look out for successful brands, we will come across multiple examples where organizations have used the principle of Simplicity very pertinently to build their brands and enjoy ‘top of the mind recall’ with consumers. The golden words by Leonardo Da Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” signifies how deep-rooted the concept is and has been following for years.


Customer Engagement using the HASHTAG Media September 06, 2016

Hashtags have become an important aspect of marketing in the digital world. Social media marketing is a set of multi-disciplinary marketing programs through which firms try to reach their stakeholder network effectively. In the current disruptive era, brands and customers are equally participating in social media marketing to achieve a gamut of benefits.


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