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Operations section has articles elaborating on concepts like supply chain management, distribution, industrial processes and logistics. The IT section has articles containing the effective use of new technology in the field of management.

Big Data Analytics through Machine Learning 01 February 2017

In the last few years, big data analytics has taken a priority role in ensuring growth for businesses, understanding customers & exploring new opportunities. With World’s data doubling every two years while the cost of storing it declining at roughly the same rate; every company is now transforming into a data company capable of analysing large complex data and delivering faster and more accurate insights within reasonable cost. Also, machine learning has been a critical aspect of business. But the latest opportunity for companies is to have Big data Analytics through Machine Learning.


Shift from Human Productivity to Resource Productivity 01 February 2017

Earlier human resources were the sole biggest factor for companies. But with changing times, companies are shifting focus from human productivity to resource productivity. Ethical Manufacturing deals with the Social and environmental issues in production system. It is considered as a subset to Resource productivity. The Resource Productivity directly leads to Lean manufacturing and is correlated to Green Manufacturing, and is considered to be one step ahead of human productivity.


Modern Trade Channel & Impact of Fill Rate 30 January 2017

In the present era of high demand uncertainties and shorter product life cycles, all the FMCG companies are consistently trying to strengthen supply chain over demand uncertainties. Challenges gets more complex with numerous sales channels with different order management and supply dynamics. ‘Fill Rate’ is one of the performance indicator which indicates successful supply planning. Fill rate of any particular channel is percentage of placed orders converted in actual sales. Issues in data synchronization between sales and manufacturing departments, poor demand planning, logistics & network constraints, high volatility and uncertainty of the market causes low fill rates in retail sector


Impact of Information Technology in Managing Supply Chain 23 November 2016

Supply Chain management is undergoing a fundamental, rapid transformation forced by host of factors. Globalization has often brought goods and services to our country at a lower price with a very high quality than indigenous one. Multinational companies have perfected the art and science of combining globalization and localization to give ‘Glocalization’ i.e. global products and services customized to meet the needs of locales. Current economic fluctuation has made customer highly cost sensitive. Thus yesterday’s competitors are cooperating today to serve the needs of customer.


Application of Digital India to Boost Agricultural Sector 01 November 2016

Agriculture sector forms an important part of Indian Economy. The share of agriculture in national income of India is about 17.9 percent which is very high compared to the other developed countries such as in USA 3% share and in Canada 4% share is contributed by agriculture sector towards national income. India is the world’s largest producer of pulses and spices and second largest producer of wheat, rice, cotton etc. In such a scenario, it becomes imperative that the agriculture sector in India should be updated continuously through wise use of technology and innovation.


Operations Perspective of Consumer Behaviour 20 September 2016

Every business exists for its customer. It is the customers who represent the raison d’etre for any business. Without the customer no business can exist, for he is the one who buys a company’s products and services, which brings revenue and a profit to the organization, maintains the growth and retain a steady cash-flow. The most important asset for any organization is its customers. A company’s success depends upon its customer base, their buying preference and frequency of their purchase.


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