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Rise of Fintech - Convergence of Finance & Technology February 11, 2018

Technology has been progressing at a pace that puts Moore’s law to shame; the growth has been compounded by the increasing use of smartphones and the rise of emerging technologies such as Analytics, Big Data and Block-chain. The technology sector’s influence on the banking and financial services sector in recent times is uncontested.


Amazon's Flying Fortress- Delivery by Drones January 01, 2018

One of the first companies that comes to our mind when thinking about innovation is Amazon. Amazon wants to be everywhere in your life, right from smart locks in your home to Amazon Go(the grocery store in pilot mode). From Amazon Prime, to delivery via drone, Amazon has expanded and innovated leaps and bound. In December 2016, Amazon became the talk of the town once again when it finally received patent for ‘floating warehouses’. When Amazon finally implements it, we could easily witness the dawn of a new era in e-commerce segment.


Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Management December 15, 2017

Taking into consideration how frequently the word is used these days, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is almost on the verge of becoming a cliché. Perhaps, that can be attributed to just how easy everything has become due to the former. Before proceeding, it’s crucial to understand what Artificial Intelligence actually is. Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that focuses on the development of intelligent machines that work and behave just like humans. Artificial Intelligence can be divided into two categories, augmentation and automation. Augmentation refers to that AI which helps out humans in their day-to-day activities.


World of Entertainment & Technology through Apps August 01, 2017

Not so long ago, people used to focus on buying the best TVs, cable connection, video games etc. These were probably the most elegant and efficient forms of entertainment available to customers at urban households. TV shows like movies, serials, sitcoms were popular along with live sports, music etc. But in the new tech age of smartphones, the word of entertainment has changed completely. The consumer now has the power of entertainment in their own hands ie in their smartphones. Where ever they go, what ever they do, customers can easily access their favorite movies or best shows or live sports at will. This is a revolution no one could have imagined even a few years ago.


Cargo Hubs- Future of Logistics & Distribution June 17, 2017

Businesses all over the world are growing. The purchasing power of people is increasing which is driving the growth in demand for goods. Also, apart from the old school brick and mortar business, the last decade has seen a huge boom in ecommerce or online business. People sitting at home want goods, accessories, products etc to be delivered right at their doorstep. The growth of businesses, and especially ecommerce is driving the growth of logistics. Companies use rail and road as efficient & cheap ways to transport goods. But airline logistics is set to be an important aspect of businesses, which would lead to creation of cargo hubs.


Comprehensive Sustainable Business Management for Progress April 01, 2017

Looking at the coveted Fortune 500 companies list about 88% of the companies from 1955 no longer featured in the 2014 list with most of them going bankrupt and the business models collapsing. Whilst there is a school of thought which says that this churn is a sign of creative destruction and the Darwinian Theory of survival of the fittest is the way of life, the critique which our business face is in terms of their sustainability. With a pool of Management graduates joining the workforce every year we are adding on to the finance, marketing and operations acumen in the workforce but the sustainability angle in each of these avenues is the cause of concern. A new era of management science is now looking into sustainable business management, design thinking and disruptive innovation and looks like that is the way forward.


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