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Difference between Customer and Consumer 03 August 2017

For any business to grow it is very important to understand the difference between a customer and a consumer. In most cases, the customer is the consumer but there are several cases where there is a remarkable difference between the two. And this becomes very important for businesses to understand. Understanding the key differences between a customer and a consumer can help companies have better strategies, better communication, streamlined marketing activities etc.


A Century of Cola Wars - Coca Cola & Pepsi 13 June 2017

One of the classic case studies in Marketing across decades now has been the subject of Cola Wars. The never-ending tiff between Coca-Cola & Pepsi. One of the most popular selling cola drinks have engaged in a constant battle for being the supreme brand the world of beverages. Coca Cola and Pepsi, both have had strong marketing strategies when it comes to product, manufacturing, distribution and marketing.


Government Strategies Powering Entrepreneurial Ventures 01 April 2017

The contemporary India is being described as ‘start-up’ India, thanks to the spiralling numbers of desi start-ups which have made their mark both at the national and international levels. More than 19,000 start-ups are operating in India as per the Economic survey, 2016 and this data alone testifies to start-up mania which is spreading its wings over the modern India


Mutual Trigger to Rise- Strategic Business Unit & the Brand 06 March 2017

The ecstatic moment for a business is when it’s ‘Brand ‘ image zooms and the sound amplifies. The motive remains to reach up to the desired segment of market whom it is focused to cater. Once a business establishes a stand in the market and a healthy image in the minds of it’s customers a major examination of it’s speculated success is cleared.


Is Print Media Really Dying? 04 February 2017

Today, many thinks that traditional printed media are going to die out because of fast progress in technology. But I don’t completely agree with this suggestion. Modern technology has many advantages and disadvantages that influence audience’s lives. There is no doubt that digital media is growing faster and much faster then print media But the question is that in terms of what? Answer is very simple that is in terms of advertisement not information.If we look at statistics provided by FICCI - KPMG in the image below they have compared both media in terms advertising revenues.


Audio Visual Industry and Changing Trends 02 February 2017

The last two decades have seen rise and rise of many new industries and decay of many existing. Some have wiped out of existence and some adapted and transformed to the newer form. One such industry that has silently gone through the metamorphosis is Audio Visual Industry. The underlying change in technology has ensured that the newer generation will grow up with entirely different experience than what the teenager of 90’s did.


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