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Ecommerce Boom driven by AI, Analytics & Tech July 09, 2018

E-commerce, a term which has made its presence felt in really short span of time, is an act of performing the commercial activities of selling and purchasing through technology over the internet. E-commerce industry has grown manifolds during last decade because of large penetration of internet, smartphones, strong network and increasing consumer wealth. 71% of the total number of shoppers worldwide in 2017, believe they would grab a better deal online with a better overall experience compared to shopping in high street stores.


Digital Customer Experience at Touchpoints May 01, 2018

A customer visits a store to buy a pair of jeans. While at the store, the customer realizes that the XYZ store has about 10 varieties of jeans from ankle length, straight fit, high waited, etc. At this juncture, the salesman, who has already comprehended the great dilemma that the customer is in, explains to her the type of fit each pair will have, what are the ideal situations one must wear the respective pair of jeans and what looks good with them.


Brands and Colors Marketing- Leaving an Impression on the Mind April 12, 2018

What is the first brand that comes to your mind when you think of color red? Majority of you would say Vodafone or Coca Cola.

Or a company associated with the color Blue? The top of the mind brands would be Samsung or Pepsi.

Similarly, the color Yellow would help us associate with a brand like McDonalds or Idea telecom.


Marketing Tools In Modern HR Practices February 17, 2018

Today in the world, it is increasingly becoming difficult to enhance sustainable growth of the firm due to extensive global competition. In the battle for new talent, HR divisions have been compelled to extend their nomenclature from hiring and firing, directing personnel frameworks and procedures, employee training and development to adopting strategies to grow employer awareness, to build the employer brand as a “great place to work,” and to retain top talent. With technology presenting new solutions to organizations, HR departments have also started using cutting edge technology tools in the market. These best of breed tools help in cutting competition but the ultimate challenge remains to identify market opportunity, grab that and generate measurable results.


The Challenge of Marketing an Online Game January 01, 2018

In 2014, Valve corporation, a name synonymous with the world of gaming, released a documentary film ‘Free to Play’. The film focused on the lives of three professional players before and after they participated in ‘The International (2011)’, an eSports tournament of their newly launched game ‘Defense of the Ancients’ popularly known as DOTA 2. The documentary was well received and highly praised by the critics. The reason why the documentary did exceptionally well was that it introduced people with the gaming segment of multiplayer online battle arena(MOBA).


Penetration Strategy For SMEs Using Digital Marketing Techniques December 18, 2017

With the rapid growth of internet around the world especially in India had created a larger set of opportunities for the businesses that use digital as their platforms. Combining with Big Data no one have ever imagined that they are going to change entire consumer experience in the coming days. But the fact is they have already started. In this article now let us briefly see what all are the major contributions of digitalization, Analytics and Bigdata in enhancing the consumer experience and facilitating the ease of doing business for SMEs. Since they are coming with a new idea that could solve an existing problem and they don’t have huge marketing budgets they can reply up on digital marketing techniques to gain popularity and revenues. So, let us see now how can the strategy be made for these firms using the available digital tools and internet.


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