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Operations section has articles elaborating on concepts like supply chain management, distribution, industrial processes and logistics. The IT section has articles containing the effective use of new technology in the field of management.

Impact of Digital SCM in Modern Business July 25, 2019

For every business, scm or supply chain management becomes pivotal for carrying out daily business operations. From data management to storage to managing inventory etc are all under the purview of supply chain management. Companies are proactively taking up newer techniques & methods to improve existing processes and this is where digital scm has an important role to play.


Emergence of AI in Healthcare January 02, 2019

Today is an era of digitalization, machine learning and increase in the use of AI to make our work simpler and efficient. Accordingly there is a huge paradigm shift in healthcare industry with the emergence of AI in healthcare sector, solving the problems of patients, doctors, hospital and healthcare industry as a whole. In this shift, data being the main reasons for adoption of AI, as we everyday deal with numbers of data which become difficult for human mind to perceive the patterns and come with effective prediction and references or conclusions. From many surveys we can find out that by 2050 AI in healthcare industry will be ubiquitous.


Big Data Analytics – Netflix Case Study November 14, 2018

Netflix started with the on-demand video streaming services in the US and Canada. The company established in 1997, it started its subscription service in 1999 with mail order DVD and monthly subscription fees. It's amazing logistic chain with over 50 regional warehouses to distribute the DVD to its customer is the reason for success and growth during that time.


Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Doctors? July 03, 2018

Do you see apps showing that you can live a healthy lifestyle? Does your phone have the app to determine your sleep cycle? All these are just a few examples of how technology is playing an important role in helping us lead a healthy lifestyle. With many technological advancements healthcare is at a very interesting juncture where softwares are helping people lead a healthy life. But can a time come where artificial intelligence completely revolutionise healthcare and eventually replace doctors?


Smart Solutions for Smart Cities May 09, 2018

Cities all over the world are being overburdened with a huge population moving in search of job and career opportunities. Some of the biggest cities in the world have got millions of people residing as these cities provide the best opportunities to make a career and earn money and grow. Due to this, there are several challenges which cities are facing due to over population and limitation in resources. However, with the advancement in technologies, cities world wide are willingly experimenting and adopting newer ways and means to have better management of resources, save costs and make lives of people much better.


Impact of IoT in Business March 20, 2018

Internet of Things i.e. IoT is one of the most recent jargon which going viral almost in all the industries and it is expected to set a new standard in a new era of technology because of its high productive potential. With the growth in technology, IoT is becoming an important stream of science and business.


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